BellaVita Prosperity Plan

BellaVita offers an excellent way to create a viable stream of income for you and your family. With BellaVita there are two ways to enroll and participate in the BellaVita prosperity plan. One way is to become a BellaVita Preferred Customer. As a BellaVita Preferred Customer you can purchase BellaVita product directly online or at a BellaVita Distribution Center for the Preferred Customer price. You can also enroll other Preferred Customers and BellaVita Distributors and earn either the Preferred Customer Bonus (PCB) each time one of your Preferred Customers purchases or you can earn the Initial FastStart Bonus (FSB) for enrolling a BellaVita Distributor. Preferred Customers are able to earn only Preferred Customer Bonuses and the Initial FastStart Bonuses. The other way is to become a BellaVita Distributor. You may become a Distributor by enrolling with a FAST-START Package or if you are a Preferred Customer and you enroll four people who are all active in the same month. BellaVita Distributors are able to earn all of the features of the BellaVita Prosperity Plan.

Preferred Customer and Initial FastStart Bonus

The PCB and FSB are designed to provide you as the enroller immediate rewards for enrolling Preferred Customers and FastStart Distributors. You will earn PCB’s each time your Preferred Customer makes a purchase. You will receive the FSB on every initial FastStart enrollment. PCB and FSB bonuses are paid on two generations of sponsorship, the enroller and the enrollers enroller receive PCB and FSB bonuses. Both PCB and FSB bonuses are paid weekly.

Preferred Customer Bonus
PCB US $50 to Enroller
PCB US $5 to Enroller’s Enroller

Based on an order valued at 100PV

Initial FastStart Bonus
FSB US $200 to Enroller
FSB US $20 to Enroller’s Enroller

Based on an order valued at 400PV

3X9 Matrix Commissions

BellaVita Distributors earn 3% from all product orders placed in their 3 x 9 Matrix.
As people join your business, they are automatically placed into various levels of your Team. The BellaVita computer system builds your Team from top to bottom, left to right. This is called “Auto Build.” Every person in your business, including yourself, has (3) three “legs” or people who are “Front Line” to them. This structure forms a “Matrix” of up to 29,523 individuals who comprise 9 Levels. You earn 3% of the Commission Volume for every 3-bottle product sale generated by the distributors in your matrix. (Excluding all PC orders.)
The maximum number of people on each level are:

Matrix Level BellaVita Member Potential Monthly Income
Level 1 3 US $9
Level 2 9 US $27
Level 3 27 US $81
Level 4 81 US $243
Level 5 243 US $729
Level 6 729 US $2,187
Level 7 2,187 US $6,561
Level 8 6,561 US $19,683
Level 9 19,683 US $59,049
Total Income 29,523 US $88,569

This chart is a hypothetical example intended to explain the BellaVita Commission Plan. It is not representative of the income, if any, that a Distributor can or will earn through his or her participation in BellaVita. These figures should not be considered as guarantees of your actual earnings.  Any representation or guarantee of earnings, whether made by BellaVita or a Distributor, would be misleading.  Success with BellaVita results only from your successful efforts to promote and sell BellaVita’s products, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership.  Your success will depend upon how effectively you exercise these attributes.

100% Matrix-Match Commissions

Matrix-Match is one of the most powerful features to the BellaVita Prosperity Plan. Distributors can earn a 100% matching commission that is equal to the amount of 3 x 9 Matrix Earnings of all of their Personally Enrolled Distributors. To qualify to receive 100% Matrix-Match Commissions you must be an active distributor and generate a product order that month. Matrix-Match will allow you to earn far outside your 9th level of pay as you continue to personally sponsor new people in your team.

Rank Advancement

The BellaVita Commission Plan allows for you to grow your business and be recognized for achieving rank advancement objectives in the BellaVita plan. These Rank Advancements are achieved by reaching the following milestones:

Rank Total QV for 3 Legs Min. Monthly QV per Leg Max % from any Leg
(Full Share) (Full Share) (Half Share)
Supervisor 3,000 1,000 Does Not Apply
Manager 10,000 3,000 Does Not Apply
Director 30,000 8,000 No More Than 50%
Executive 100,000 30,000 No More Than 50%
Presidential 300,000 75,000 No More Than 50%
Elite Presidential 1,000,000 300,000 No More Than 50%

Each Rank Can be Achieved By

  1. Meeting the Total Qualifying Volume (QV) requirement for all three legs plus meeting the minimum monthly QV requirement per leg. Example: Supervisor 3,000 QV total and at least 1,000 QV per leg.
  2. For Directors and above they can achieve one of two ways: Meeting the Total Qualifying Volume (QV) requirement for all three legs and as long as no more than 50% comes from one leg you will not need to meet the minimum monthly QV requirement. Example: Director has 30,000 QV total and no more than 15,000 QV is in any one leg.

As an example the qualification could look like this:

Leg One15,000(QV) Leg Two10,000(QV) Leg Three5,000(QV)

(no more than 50%)

Preferred Customer Pool, Initial Fast-Start Order Pool and the Company Wide Sales Pool

In the BellaVita Prosperity Plan additional money is set aside and paid each month to Distributors who are growing their businesses. These monies make up three separate leadership pools called the Preferred Customer Pool, the Initial Fast-Start Order Pool and the Company Wide Sales Pool. As you advance in Rank within the BellaVita Prosperity Plan you can earn additional shares in each of these pools.

Rank-Up Bonus:

As Distributors achieve and are advanced to a new Rank in the BellaVita Prosperity Plan they will be paid a one-time Cash
Bonus for each rank as follows:

New Rank One-Time Cash Bonus Timelines and Consistency
Supervisor US $200 Within first 120 days of enrollment
Manager US $500 No time limit after qualifying at Supervisor
Director* US $2,000 No time limit after qualifying at Manager
Executive US $10,000 Achieve and Maintain 2 straight months
Presidential US $20,000 Achieve and Maintain 2 straight months
Elite Presidential US $50,000 Achieve and Maintain 2 straight months

New Director Trip Bonus

Additionally new Directors who achieve and maintain the rank for four months (does not need to be consecutive) are entitled to receive the Managers Trip Bonus. This is an annual all expenses paid trip to visit the Mediterranean region and to see the area where many of the ingredients for the BellaVita products are grown.

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