Dr. Julia Zhao is a MD and a MBA in the field of medical research science with an expertise in immunology and strong connections in medical, biopharmaceutical, and nutraceutical communities. Dr. Zhao is also an expert in herbal and phyto-therapies; has a deep knowledge of botanical formulations based upon specific ailments and functional outcomes. Dr. Zhao is one of the founders and principle scientists of Bowen Bioscience in Boston Massachusetts. Bowen provides contract research and consulting services including human clinical studies of nutraceuticals consisting of GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) certified ingredients. All studies are submitted and approved by AAHRPP (Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Program, Inc), the highest standard for Human Subject Protection prior to conduction. The studies are conducted in collaboration with board certified physicians in leading teaching universities and hospitals. Bowen’s scientists and collaborating clinicians have extensive experience in designing, conducting, validating, and applying appropriate quantitative methods for elucidating biological efficacies, all in compliance with current GCP/GLP standards and regulatory guidelines. Dr. Zhao received her MBA from Babson College, Immunology postdoctoral training from University of Iowa, and medical degrees from Beijing Union University and Shandong University.


An experienced product specialist with more than 23 years in the sports nutrition, health and fitness industry, specializing in a variety of nutritional and dietary products. Expertise in development and implementing innovative sports nutrition and weight loss products to diverse consumer markets, both domestically and internationally.
Jim also was a successful colligate athlete and went on to play in the National Football League for the Los Angeles Rams. Following Jims NFL career he stared on the hit television series American Gladiators as Laser for eight seasons. Jim has been active in community service promoting a drug free and healthy style by educating students in more than 65 school districts regarding anti-drug messages (D.A.R.E.)


David N. Bell is a highly regarded advisor to global food, nutrition, and aesthetic skin care companies. David has assisted in the formulation of many top selling nutritional and aesthetic skin care products. He has spent more than twenty years working with senior management of leading global corporations in the analysis of business opportunities, the design and execution of strategy and sourcing of raw A-Grade natural ingredients. He is an expert in International consumer markets for food and nutrition products. Essential to this capability is the quality of relationships he has with key decision-makers in corporations and other organizations. Bell Advisory Services, his consulting practice, is known for its role in expanding corporate and consumer awareness of antioxidants and “superfoods”. He obtained his MBA from the Wharton School in 1984.


Rosalia Peris is a GP and aesthetic skin care specialist. She’s graduated from Atma Jaya University. She has dedicated 14 year of her life as a medical consultant in Marie France Body Line, responsible for managing and reducing client’s weight by arranging client’s food daily intake and giving out suggestions and consultations of what food to be taken. She moved to Bella Skin care, sister company of Marie France Body Line, and Worked for 5 years in Murad Skin care. After many experiences she encountered, finally she opened her own skin care center and it has been operating for 9 years now. Offering a wide range for face and body treatment.

Lara Wright, Master Aromatherapy Formulator

BellaVita has teamed up with one of the industries foremost essential oil formulators to create our Mediterranean Blend Collection. Lara Wright is a second generation aromatherapy pioneer and developer of high end all natural skin and body care products. She is world renowned for developing her organic line of skin care products at her Green Valley Lab in the Southwest USA. She also develops product lines for Award Winning Green Valley Spa.

Jenny Beres

Jenny Beres is Based in Los Angeles where good skin is always in – Jenny is a self-proclaimed anti-aging junkie who has written and marketed for several beauty blogs, magazines and health sites proclaiming the merits of good skin and the products that make it happen. An accomplished writer, speaker and coach,  Jenny is thrilled to be part of the Product Advisory board here at BellaVita and passionately believes CertoBella to be the finest skin food on the market.

Dr. Noah

Dr. Noah Tsai is an expert in field of health and wellness. He obtained graduate degrees at Tamkang University and International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver. He received a Master Degree at National Taiwan Normal University Graduate Institute of Sport Leisure Management and at National Taiwan Normal University Department of Health Promotion and Health Education. Dr. Tsai received Doctor Degrees at Victoria University Switzerland Sport Management and Technology and Preston University Department of Health Management. Dr. Noah Tsai has been practicing for more than 40 years.

Dr. Tsai is currently Premier of Asia-Pacific Health Management Academy and Premier of New Century Professional Image Service (2015, 2016). He currently serves as an advisor to many medical and health institutions and is a top lecturer for many international organizations. Dr. Tsai has been an Instructor of Health Management Training at Taipei Medical University and a professor at four universities globally. Dr. Tsai’s extensive back ground and knowledge has served BellaVita well in training and educating the BellaVita Global Family.

Aisha Huang, Certified Aroma Therapist

Aisha Huang is originally from Taiwan but now resides in Vancouver BC Canada. After Aisha completed her fine arts degree at Simon Fraser University she completed an intensive two-year program to become a Certified Aromatherapist in North America. She also grew up around her family business of aesthetic skin care, hence at a young age, she learned to recognize various skin types, skin problems and seek solutions for her client’s needs. She has a great passion for holistic medicine which she believes to be the ultimate solution for the modern health challenges of our day. For many years she has used essential oils in her daily life to achieve both physical and mental wellness and has continued to help many people overcome serious health challenges with essential oils. Not only is Aisha experienced in blending and prescribing essential oils, she is also experienced in growing, cultivating and distilling the essence of those beautiful healing plants. Aisha will be a great asset for BellaVita through her training and education on essential oils and skin care, helping people to fully utilize nature to solve many modern health challenges.