Success Stories

CY Liu

Before I started my career in Network Market I worked as a general manager in the furniture manufacturing business. After receiving a Master’s Degree in Business in America I had many opportunities to advance my career in traditional business. I found that even when I was promoted to senior management positions my quality of life never improved. I made more money but I had no freedom to enjoy it, all I did was work, sometimes 15 hours a day, seven days a week. When I learned about the network marketing business in 1997 I knew right away this was a better way to make a living and I knew that I needed to make my living this way.

After many years as a full-time professional in this business I have been fortunate to achieve great success earning millions of dollars in income, having had the privilege of being the top income earner for several companies. When I learned about BellaVita and their total focus on making this the best distributor experience available I knew I needed to be a part of this company. Knowing the integrity of the founders and management team and the philosophy of the company I saw a great vision for huge success.

Immediately I was able to attract many good quality people to this great company, its commission plan and the incredible products. To be honest my expectations were far exceeded in a very short time. I could not believe how complete this opportunity really is. The products absolutely work, the commission plan is very easy to help people understand and see the great potential and finally the company has provided the very best support I have ever experienced in this business. They really treat their leaders, distributors and customers like we have always wanted to be treated, like true partners.

Wang Ling Jue

As a health and nutrition professional I have seen many products come and go in the market. BellaVita’s main product SanoVita is the most compete formulation I have ever seen. Of all the products I have used and shared in my life this is the product I have the most confidence in and that I am most proud to represent. Not only have I seen many people experience the benefits of the BellaVita products, I have also seen the rewards come quickly to my team. We have had many people achieve immediate full-time income. I am so proud especially to see how many women, mothers and even single mothers take control of their financial future by promoting and building the BellaVita business.

I love this company and really feel that there is no better company to partner with for now and for the future!

Lin You Wei

My wife and I are at a point in life where all we really care about is helping people. We sincerely feel that if we help many people we will have whatever we need and we will be happy. We are most interested in aligning ourselves with a company and with people that we can trust and that we feel are completely honest and who truly care about doing things the right way for the benefit of others. BellaVita is this type of company. Everything we see BellaVita do has impressed us. We love the BellaVita products and we can see how the BellaVita Prosperity Plan is very generous in rewarding people for sharing the BellaVita products.

With BellaVita we were able to make this our full time career immediately. Our earnings with BellaVita have quickly replaced our previous income even in our first month as BellaVita distributors. We are now helping many other people to make BellaVita their fulltime career as well.

I have worked hard in this business for many years but I have never felt like I do now with BellaVita. I want to work hard and I want to spend as much time as possible with my wife sharing the BellaVita vision. I know that BellaVita can touch many lives. BellaVita is a True Gift from God.

Esther Chai

Hello, I am Esther from Singapore. I worked many years in the Real Estate business in Singapore and Malaysia. As a mother of three children this was very difficult always having to be out of my home and not spending as much time with my three children as I wanted to. I had the opportunity to join a company many years ago and start my career in the Network Marketing field. I instantly fell in love with this style of making a living. I loved working with so many great people and also having more time freedom to spend with my two daughters and my son.

I learned about BellaVita in 2012, I knew it would be hard starting with a new company but the more I learned about BellaVita the more I loved what this company stands for and I wanted to be a part and help grow this company into something amazing.

In my first full month with BellaVita I was so amazed when I earned more than I have ever earned in my first month in any other company or in any one month in any other traditional job. It is incredible how a busy mom can make 10 times more than the monthly salary of the average job in Singapore. I now can be at home when I am needed and I can also travel all around building my BellaVita business even at times taking my children with me. I still work very hard but I love doing what I am doing more than any other job or business I have ever had!

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